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Anti-corrosion VCI bags, films, paper and liquids for the protection and prevention of corrosion to ferrous and non-ferrous metals, parts or products.

Tower and vertical roll bag dispensers are available for our rolls of VCI bags.

Contact us today for information on our new Hi-Strength Poly20-20 VCI films and Co-Extruded VCI films - up to 1000gramm dart drop.

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VCI Film & Bags

Our VCI films offer proven corrosion protection for dry ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts. Our VCI bags are used as case liners, pallet or part covers, or parts are individually packed into smaller VCI bags.

VCI films are available from 25 to 250 microns thick, supplied as:

  • Sheeting on reels or cut sheets in widths from 50mm to 12meters wide.
  • Tubing from 75mm to 6 meters wide.
  • Flat and gusseted bags with a maximum opening of 6 meters.
  • Skin, stretch and shrink film.
  • Elasticated masking bags and caps.
  • Drawstring bags & Bubble films.
  • Plain or coloured film, printed with your company logo.
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  • VCI-film
  • VCI-film
  • VCI-film

NEW POLY20-20 Tough, Lighter-Weight VCI Polythene

Poly20-20 will reduce your costs by up to 20%

Our VCI bags are now also available in our new Poly20-20 film. This is an extremely tough, strong lighter-weight polythene material that can replace thicker single layer polythene films in sheets or bags. Using Poly20-20 will reduce your packaging spend by up to 20%, reduce the amount of polythene materials used, and will be better for the environment.

VCI Paper

We have a range of VCI papers, each suitable for different metals and available in different paper weights and formats: PE coated, wax and barrier coated corrugated and protective 1 or 2 sides. VCI papers are available in custom sizes or from stock on 900mm wide x 200meter reels.

VCI Papers are available in a range of thicknesses and supplied as:

  • Rolls or flat cut sheets
  • Extendable, creped versions, reinforced
  • Wrappers, interleaves, inserts for bags and boxes
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  • VCI-paper-3
  • VCI-paper
  • VCI-paper

VCI Packaging Products

Our VCI Packing products are an invaluable addition to many export or long-term storage packs. They increase the level of VCI in the pack and can be added or replaced at intervals to ensure longevity of packs. They are fast acting, long lasting and provide outstanding multi-metal protection.

  • VCI Power cards: Credit card sized VCI boards that are highly impregnated with VCI. One card is suitable for up to 50L pack space.
  • VCI Board: Card board cut to any size impregnated with VCI, this type of product is ideally suited for long term storage of parts and components.
  • VCI Foams: Water-based VCI foam is formulated to protect expensive and delicate electronic equipment, components, and heavy machineries.
  • VCI Sachets: VCI Sachets give extended metal corrosion protection. VCI Sachets are available in 1, 5, 10gram sachets.
  • VCI Emitters: VCI Emitters contain impregnated board inside an easy to install plastic holder. Used commonly in electrical boxes, cabinets and control panels.
  • VCI Tablets: VCI Tablets are formed from VCI powder and are an efficient way of protecting metals from corrosion within a package.
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VCI Liquids

Our VCI liquids are a range of oil-free, water-soluble concentrates that include VCI, to ensure safe corrosion protection during all stages of metal treatment – from (1) processing to (2) cleaning and (3) storage. All liquids work synergistically, enhancing corrosion prevention from initial processing to final VCI packaging with minimal environmental impact.

  1. Processing: CorroWork Liquids

    CorroWork fluids offer reliable corrosion protection when drilling, milling or grinding. The liquid ensures precision manufacturing –fast removal of chips and swarf and a uniform finish to metal surface during processing– while also protecting and maintaining the cutting tools. Corrowork fluids can be washed with water without leaving any residue. * pH –value 9 to 10

  2. Cleaning: CorroClean Liquids

    CorroClean fluids are water soluble metal cleaners with degreasing properties, combined with highly efficient VCI protection. Corroclean is quick, cost effective and efficient and means that oiling or greasing of components is no longer required. * Applied by spraying systems, immersion baths, brush or roller. * pH-value 8 to 9

  3. Storage protection: CorroTect Liquids

    CorroTect fluids are next generation rust inhibitors used prior to packing and highly recommended for protecting products for export. They are water based: they contain no oil, no organic solvents and no other harmful substances. * Applied by spraying systems, immersion baths, brush or roller. * pH-value 8 to 10

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