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Polythene Films & Refuse Sacks

Tougher, lighter and more cost-effective polythene bags and films

Our high quality industrial packaging polythene bags, refuse sacks and tough, lightweight Poly20-20 films provide you with the choice of price, quality and strength.

NEW POLY20-20 Tough, Lighter-Weight Polythene

Poly20-20 will reduce your costs by up to 20% All our standard polythene packing bags, pallet covers and VCI films are available in our new Poly20-20 film. This is an advanced blend of 3 polymers. It is an extremely tough, virgin, strong lighter-weight polythene material that can replace existing single layer polythene films in sheets or bags. The lighter-weight polythene has an exceptionally high dart impact and tear resistance. Using Poly20-20 will save you up 20% money on your packaging spend. It will reduce the amount of polythene materials used by 25%, and be better for the environment. Contact us today for details.