Polythene films & refuse sacks

Tougher, Lighter and Cost-effective Polythene Bags and Films

High quality industrial packaging polythene bags, refuse sacks and tough, lightweight Poly20-20 films provide our customers with the choice of price, quality and strength

Clear bags

Our clear bags for general packing purposes are available from stock from 100mm wide bags to pack small parts, up to 4 meter wide pallet covers to pack much larger parts.

We stock a large range of clear general packing bags as well as other general industrial use packaging products. Contact us today for details.

Refuse sacks

We stock a range of black, coloured and clear refuse sacks for use in factory and general cleaning use. Contact us today for a stock and price list.

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NEW POLY20-20 Tough, Lighter-Weight Polythene

Poly20-20 will reduce your costs by up to 20%

All our standard polythene packing bags, pallet covers and VCI films are available in our new Poly20-20 film. This is an advanced blend of 3 polymers. It is an extremely tough, virgin, strong lighter-weight polythene material that can replace existing single layer polythene films in sheets or bags. The lighter-weight polythene has an exceptionally high dart impact and tear resistance.

Using Poly20-20 will save you up 20% money on your packaging spend. It will reduce the amount of polythene materials used by 25%, and be better for the environment. Contact us today for details.