Industrial Packaging

Industrial Packaging for transit, storage and exporting

Industrial packaging for products that need physical protection, corrosion prevention & vapour protection when in transit, storage or are being exported

Range of Speciality Papers

Our range of speciality papers is suitable for all industrial packing jobs as well as export packing of parts.

  • Kraft Union Paper: linear paper reinforced with bitumen used as a waterproof liner for pallets and cases. Available in rolls or sheets in 120 to 210 gsm
  • Self-Seal Kraft Paper: Kraft paper which only sticks to itself and leaves no residue when removed. Available in 70 to 100 gsm.
  • Corrugated Board: Can be cut to form a variety of different shapes. Deliverable in rolls or sheets, available single or double faced.
  • Fabric Reinforced Paper: A woven polypropylene reinforced paper laminate commonly used as a heavy-duty export packing case liner. Supplied on rolls from 150 to 190 gsm, waterproof and with VCI treatment on request.
  • Waxed Engineering Paper: Waxed Kraft paper, available with VCI and one-side wax to form an additional moisture barrier. Grease and oil resistant. Supplied on rolls in 50 to 150 gsm.
  • Jute Paper: Bitumen-laminated liner paper with hessian. A heavy duty (375 gsm) export packaging box liner. Available in rolls or sheets.
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Barrier Foil Bags

Barrier foil bags are a suitable corrosion prevention solution for any moisture sensitive item. With an inner layer of aluminium, barrier foil bags are flexible tin cans that seal your products from the environment.

The aluminium foil protects products from moisture and oxygen ingress, which in turn prevents corrosion. It also protects products from aggressive gasses, odour transfer and temperature extremes.

Foil bags are commonly used to pack machinery, engineering parts, electronics, telecom equipment, automotive parts, instruments, and medical devices.

  • Competitive prices
  • Any size available
  • No minimum order quantity

  • Flat foil bags: are available in different material combinations, each offering a different level of barrier protection. They are heat sealable and are also available with a grip lock or zipper for re-closable applications.
  • 3D foil bags: are available in different barrier materials. They are custom made to suit individual requirements and are generally used to line cases or pack larger items. 3D foil bags are heat sealable.
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Desiccants are used in airtight, sealed packages where the item requires protection from water vapour. The desiccant is required inside the barrier foil bags to absorb any existing moisture and to neutralise the small amounts of water vapour which may pass through the barrier foil. Moisture is the main contributing factor in causing corrosion on metals.

We stock a range of desiccants from stock which we can send to you at short notice.

Not sure on what size sachet and amount of desiccant to use in your pack:

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Also available

Humidity Indicator Cards

Humidity indicator cards provide external monitoring of humidity levels inside containers and packages.