Go Green

Go Green with Haver Plastics - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

Plastics don't have the best reputation for their environmental impact. Read how we are doing all we can to reduce environmental footprint.

At Haver Plastics we develop packaging products that will allow you reduce the amount of packaging you use. We supply packaging made from recycled materials, all our production waste is recycled. Our VCI is the most environmentally and occupationally safe anywhere in the world, and we supply carbon free packaging using our carbon off setting scheme.

At Haver Plastics, we are proud of our green credentials. Our environmental policy is part of our quality manual and underpins everything we do. In addition we continually try to minimise the environmental footprint of our business both locally and nationally, and we are reviewing where and how we can use renewable power in the offices.

At Haver Plastics we develop packaging products that will allow you reduce the amount of packaging you use.


Reduce Packaging

Our Poly20-20 film reduces the amount of polythene material our customers need to use to pack their parts.


Reused Film and Paper

We can supply all our polythene bags, including our VCI bags, from recycled polythene films; and supply our VCI paper from recycled paper.

The mechanical strength of the bags and paper sheets are lower, but in most circumstances the packs are still fit-for-purpose, and by using recycled materials you are reducing the impact of the packaging on the environment, using fewer chemicals, and saving money.


Recycled Waste

All our production waste is recycled. Our business is owned and run by third generation family members and we work hard to ensure both it and the local environment will be around to support the fourth.

Safe, clean VCI

Our BioTect VCI is the safest VCI available worldwide. It is free of nitrites, amines and benzotriazole. The result is a corrosion inhibitor technology which cannot trigger nitrosamines, nor induce employee skin, eye or respiratory irritation. It is underpinned by compliance with TRGS 900 and TRGS 615. It has no unpleasant odour and is so safe to use that it even carries direct food safety contact approval from PIRA.

Carbon Free

We offer all our customers a carbon offsetting scheme, which will make their packaging carbon neutral.

We use the Tree Appeal tree planting initiative. This offsets the carbon used in the manufacture of the bags by planting broadleaf trees throughout the UK. If we can, we make an event of the planting. Our largest used David Bellamy to plant trees at local schools, and as well as the tree planting David Bellamy talked to the children on bio-diversity in their local environment. Please contact us for more details.