Masking Covers

Masking Covers & Component Covers

Elasticated masking and component covers protect hard-to-protect parts from corrosion, dust and dirt when in storage or when being transported

Whatever the best packaging solution is to protect your products, we can develop, trial and supply it for you.

VCI masking covers

Elasticated VCI masking covers are simple, quick and easy to put on:

  • Engine manufacturers use VCI masking covers to protect areas on engines that are more sensitive to corrosion; this includes flywheels and diff-locks.
  • Car manufacturers use specialist VCI paper/polythene laminated masking covers to protect brake discs from corrosion and brake judder. The covers remain on until pre-dealer assembly where they are easily removed without taking the wheel off.
  • Steel converters use 3 meter wide VCI masking caps to protect the ends of steel coils from corrosion in transit and storage.
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Custom Shaped Masking Covers

We stock a range of masking covers which includes shower cap style circular masking covers with diameters from 200mm to 3 meters and elastic topped masking bags from 300mm to 900mm wide. They are used by many different companies to protect many different parts in storage and transit:

  • Water companies use pipe covers to protect the ends of pipes from rodent infestation during on-site storage.
  • Warehouses use clear see-through covers to protect the contents of stillage, storage boxes, and plastic tubs from dust and contamination.
  • Household goods manufacturers use covers to protect their finished goods from contamination during storage.
  • Engine manufacturers use them to cover the ends of open pipes on engines
  • Pipeline manufacturers use them to cover the valves on their parts.
  • Electronic manufacturers use them to protect work-in progress speaker heads.
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Stock masking covers

We can make the covers in a range of custom shapes, and with fittings include elastic edges, eyelets, draw cord, bungee, hooks or Velcro. By providing solutions that are carefully designed, specified and presented, we can help protect your manufactured parts from scuffing and damage during manufacture, transport and storage.

  • Car battery manufacturers use custom shaped covers to protect 2 meter square work-in-progress trays of battery’s during assembly
  • Car interior manufacturers use bespoke masking covers to cover drop-down TV screens in car interiors – they remain on the screens through car assembly
  • Car panel manufacturers use custom shaped masking covers to protect body work from scratches and scrapes throughout storage and transport to the USA.
  • Motor bike manufacturers use large drawstring bags to protect entire motorbikes during storage.
  • Axle manufacturers use an elasticated sleeve (draws in at both ends) to protect the middle joint of a truck axle
  • Engine manufacturers use custom shaped covers to protect the manifold during an in-house automated spray cleaning process
  • Hi-temperature covers protect parts of a metal tube during masking and powder coating
  • Paintable covers are made from paint absorbing fabric and protect parts of a metal axle during spray painting.
  • Pharmaceutical companies use a range of bespoke sized covers that are manufactured using special materials (Microporous breathable, Tyvek and Chemflex Double Coated PE).
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