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Polythene film specialists and the largest UK manufacturer of anti-corrosion packaging and masking cover solutions.

Our VCI bags, VCI papers, VCI liquids, VCI masking covers, desiccants and foil bags protect automotive parts in transit and storage.

Our specialist masking covers, masking caps and bespoke bags will cover and protect any size part.

Our re-useable drum covers will protect any size drum and its contents from contamination in use or in storage.

  • 1/2 million VCI bags and masking covers in stock.
  • 1 million masking bags made every year.
  • Bespoke packaging solutions available.
  • Competitive prices, short lead times, expert advice.
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Haver Plastics Packaging Technologists are part of the Metpro Group of Packaging Technologists which means we can manage any supplier visit anywhere in the world.

Why Use or Switch to Haver Plastics VCI Film

We are simply the best at protecting your metal parts:

Our Poly20-20 hi-strength VCI films save over 20% on your spend.

Free packaging review guaranteed to save you at least 10%.

Full technical support included

  • Free lab testing to validate any VCI packing recommended
  • Free samples available of any size bag or packaging
  • PhD level Packaging Technologists specify VCI packaging
  • NEW food approved BioTect VCI: safest VCI film available worldwide